Why hire a Garden Designer?

You've probably thought Is it worth hiring a landscape designer? Why should I use a professional garden designer? How do I find a good garden designer? and How do I find an affordable local garden design company?

Most people have a vision of what they would like their garden to be but the reality is that most people have limited knowledge of materials and plants: the choices and combinations available and what is suitable for their garden and needs.


Without all the necessary skills and information you’re unlikely to achieve your ideal garden and you’ll probable pay more than you need to as you won’t know where to source the right materials or how to specify the work to ensure its carried out correctly first time, a garden designer can foresee potential problems before they cause length delays and create unnecessary extra costs.

A garden designer plays the same role within a garden makeover as an architect does when designing your home.  A garden designers or landscape designers fee will usually be 5-20% of the overall cost of implementing a garden design, a small percentage compared to the cost of the build itself.


An accurate garden design is vital to successful designing. Without it, you won’t be able to create a design that will work properly when you come to build it


Without an accurate plan, you will waste a lot of time and potentially money…the chances of your design actually fitting when you build it are slim to none.


A garden designer can help you maximise your budget and give you confidence in your decisions and the process, they understand how hard landscaping and plants not only work as individual elements but how they work together to create something greater than their parts.  


Garden designers can visualise what is and isn’t possible and bring new ideas that you might never have considered without their involvement, they can maximise the potential of your outdoor space and make sure you don’t waste money in the wrong place or settle for ideas when there’s better options that could make your garden not just ok but amazing.


With an extensive knowledge of styles, materials and plants and the ability to create a design that works not only as a whole but also focuses on the details, they can create a truly unique garden tailored to the specific needs and tastes of each client.


Planning the garden design as a whole, even if it will ultimately be built in stages, means the whole process is much more time efficient and cost effective.  Employing a Garden Designer to create your perfect garden is essential to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space and investment in it, a well-planned and professionally designed garden will undoubtedly improve your ability to use and enjoy the space available to you and will certainly add value to your property.